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Re: Non-root tun-over-ssh?

Maybe I'm missing something- or maybe two things.

OpenSSH "tunnels" are app-level things, and have nothing to do with
the tun interface.

You're right that the most common use of ssh for tunnels are for individual ports, but OpenSSH also has the ability to set up a point-to-point tunnel. You can read more about it here:

and here:

It works well and lets me get real IPv6 wherever I go, plus in some places I route using real public IPs which can be used to present services, do NAT, et cetera.

And ideally, the routing table should be untouched as well.
This requires either apps that have flexible connection settings (most
do) or the use of a tcpwrapper/netcat kind of program.

The creation of tun0 (or tun whatever number) doesn't touch the routing table, but making tun0 useful does. I just want to do ssh -w0:0 as a non-root user and worry about the rest later.

If this is not what you want at all, and you're talking about what I
think you might be, then OpenVPN is the solution :)

Hmmm... Looks interesting. I'll have to play with it.


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