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Re: why is SA lifetime kilobyte limit disabled in racoon? said:
> > PFC2409 says that both sides can initiate rekeying. "Can" --
> > this is not much of a guideline for implementors.
> True, but it seems the original responder initiating a renegotiation
> is the only reasonable behavior.

Why? With racoon, only the original initiator can initiate a
renegotiation. Your hypothetical IKE implementation wouldn't
interoperate with racoon.
As said, I think for best interoperability there shouldn't
be any assumptions like this. Each side should renegotiate
if it thinks its soft timeout (which is a local assumption
anyway) is expired.

[volume limit]
> > OK, I was more concerned about interoperability. What if
> > the other side insists in some volume limit?
> Then I think it's in the proposal, and agreed to or not.

But If I can't even specify in my local configuration that
I want to put a volume limit into my proposal or accept
one from the other side, it is possible that the negotiation
doesn't succeed - depending on the implementation at the
other side.

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