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Re: why is SA lifetime kilobyte limit disabled in racoon?

> Even if
> Node-A think IPsec-SA is expired at this time, Node-B doen't
> think so. i.e. the states of IPsec-SA is mismatched.

Understand -- similar things already happen with time-based
lifetimes if there is a clock skew between the two boxes.
(This is particulary bad if the oldest available SA is used
by the kernel.)

>   Racoon's strategy of rekeying is "Initiator do it." If Node-B
>   is responder, Node-A doesn't start rekeying even if IPsec-SA is
>   expired.
> That sounds like a bug in racoon.  It seems that if either end is
> unsatisfied with the SA, that end should trigger a new one.

I'd also call this a shortcoming at least. The standards are
weak, and one doesn't know how other implementations behave.
It would be safer if both sides did care about renegotiations.

> But the key
> question is what the other implementions do, and what the standard says.

I've just tried OpenBSD's isakmpd (the oldish version in pkgsrc).
It initiates a Phase 2 exchange if the soft timeout on its
side expires, even if it was responder initially. (It randomizes
the soft timeouts to minimize the chance that both sides start
the exchange simultanously.)
PFC2409 says that both sides can initiate rekeying. "Can" --
this is not much of a guideline for implementors.

> I can see the argument that especially with a 24h or less
> lifetime, AES doesn't need volume-based rekeying.

OK, I was more concerned about interoperability. What if
the other side insists in some volume limit?

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