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discard servers?

I've been trying to test a fix for TCP RTO calculation, with help from
Fredrik Pettai.  But, our networks are too good and we see 6-7 Mb/s
throughput with no drops from Sweden to the US and back.

If anyone is willing to run a discard server (in inetd, usually), and
crank up recvbuf (or set recvbuf auto), and tell me the IP address or
name (and perhaps do this on v6 as well), I'd appreciate it, especially
if you have high delays or loss to me.

The basic issue is that I need TCP to go into RTO mode.  Dropping cwnd
by half on a single drop and SACK are working too well.

I am running a discard server on (v4 and v6) if people
want to try.

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