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Re: How do I keep an inet6 address from being added to an interface?

On May 6, 2010, at 10:26 20AM, der Mouse wrote:

>> I've often wanted such a feature: a way to ensure that NetBSD's
>> kernel neither sends or acts on *any* packet received on certain
>> interfaces.
> I added a handful of interface flags to 1.4T, and one of them was
> BPFONLY; when set, packet reception short-circuits everything after
> bpf.  Not quite what you want, because it affects input only.

Right, but certainly a good step.  (Way back when, in the days of thick coax 
and 15-pin drop cables to transceiver bricks, I *really* wanted to be sure that 
a machine would *never* transmit.  After staring at the kernel for a while, I 
decided to clip the transmit leads -- nothing else looked high-enough 
> The most difficult part was finding (and fixing) everything that
> treated interface flags as a 16-bit bitmask; I can't believe it would
> be all that hard to add to -current.
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