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Re: Google Summer of Code Project: Port OpenAFS Client

In article <>,
Anders Magnusson  <> wrote:

>Hi pooka,
>while I agree with your opinion in general, I think that the AFS client 
>is a special case
>because it already exists and is written to fit in kernel.  There is not 
>much glue code
>needed to be written to make it run under NetBSD, compared to start from 
>and there is the benefit of support of the common code from all other 
>I myself would also like to see an AFS client work under NetBSD again, 
>of whether it is Arla, OpenAFS or anything else.

I agree with ragge too. The kernel code should be simple enough to fix,
very useful to have, and as pooka said it is easier to debug in userland.
As for the performance of the server I think it depends on the workload
(how many kernel-userland transitions you end up doing, and how agressive
is your "attribute cache" to use NFS lingo).


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