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Google Summer of Code Project: Port OpenAFS Client


I've been working on NetBSD for a while at Iowa State University and we have
been running Arla whenever we need AFS support on a client machine. Since
Arla does not yet work with the latest release of NetBSD, we have to use
either NetBSD 3 or 4, so I can see how porting the OpenAFS client over could
be immensely useful. Since I have dealt with both of these and their
interactions so much in the past, I have a lot of interest in seeing this
actually happen and there is no better way to get something accomplished
than to do it yourself.

I do have plenty of experience in using both of the systems, but I have
never actually delved very far into the actual programming aspects of either
of them so I do not know enough at the moment to be able to decide whether
using the new LKM interface or PUFFS would be better to implement the port.
I'm curious as to if anyone knows which would be better or even just the
benefits of using one over the other.

Additionally, I am semi-concerned about the scope of this project possibly
being too large to accomplish in a single summer (depending on what all is
involved), so it will definitely need to be broken down into a number of
different parts in order to decide what can actually be accomplished. I do
realize, however, that there is a FreeBSD client that might be useful.

Does anyone have any additional thoughts regarding this project beyond what
is just listed on the GSoC site?

Matt Smith

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