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Need help with porting iwn driver


I've been attempting to port the latest iwn driver from OpenBSD.  I have been 
able to get it running but I'm having a couple of issues that I was hoping 
somebody might have some insight into.

The hardware is an Intel 5100 adapter connecting to a Linksys 11g access 
point. I'm using WAP2. This is on amd64/current.

Immediately after boot and most of the time with only "normal" network 
activity, the adapter works fine.

When I use it with a network TV tuner (HDHomeRun from Silicondust), however, 
the interface will sometimes get locked into what appears to be a slow-speed 
mode. When this happens, I can usually get the interface working again by 
doing "ifconfig iwn0 down/up". The TV tuner sends the video signal as a stream 
of UDP packets. When the interface is working correctly, I see around 1500 
packets per second. When it is stuck, this drops to just over 75 packets per 
second. Since each packet is around 1400 bytes, the stuck mode might be DS1 (1 
Mb/s). I've noticed that "ifconfig iwn0" sometimes reports DS1 when this 
happens -- but not always.

The frequency of the interface getting stuck may depend on the wireness 
activity in the neighborhood. I have also noticed that the channel setting on 
the access point affects the speed.

Sometimes when I attempt to clear the interface (doing the down/up), it fails 
to associate and a I see a continuous set of scans. Only a reboot will clear 
this up.

I do not recall seeing any memory allocation failures in the driver (unless I 
force it by stopping the application that is receiving the data).


Is there a  variable somewhere that contains the actual current interface 
speed? Why does ifconfig iwn0 sometimes report a higher speed? I presume the 
speed is chosen by the firmware.

Would it make sense to try to attempt to detect the stuck state and force a 
firmware reset (or reload) automatically?

Assuming that the down/up dance completely resets the driver state, where 
could the failure to associate come from?

Any other comments or ideas?


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