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Re: IPV6 router works, but clients fail

>>>>> "rm" == Roy Marples <> writes:

    rm> Cisco routers which are well outside of my price range by a
    rm> few hundred pounds.

nonsense.  1721 + wic-1adsl:

    rm> try and adjust the PPPoE MTU to 1500?

no I don't think they can send minijumbo's.

try to config the modem as a router (if it will route v6?  i guess
isp's point is that none of 'em will)

try alternate firmware like

search for USB DSL modem support in Unixes (might have to use other
than NetBSD) and run your modem in USB mode where you terminate the
PPPoA on an ATM stack in the unix.

but honestly cisco is almost certain to work and the others are all

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