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>> I don't know.  I have never used bluetooth at all, [...]
> Does that mean that you're a wired mouse, or do use USB and a dongle
> and some proprietary protocol?

I'm a wired Mouse. :)

> Sorry ... that was just impossible to resist.

Nor would I say you should have resisted. :)

I actually pretty much never use wireless.  Between performance issues
and security issues, the convenience isn't worth it to me - especially
since, in the limited experiments I've done with it, the supposed
convenience has generally turned out to be *in*convenience.  Even my
non-computer-geek wife, who uses mainstream computers in mainstream
ways, finds wifi problematic enough that, at home, on those of her
devices that have it, she uses wired networking.

>> If bluetooth interfaces don't show up in ifconfig,
> While I suppose a bluetooth interface could be used for general
> networking, they generally aren't - [...].

> Most would never appear in ifconfig and no-one would want them to.

Actually, while I'd need to think about it more, I suspect I might want
them to, on the grounds that ifconfig should show all network
interfaces, and tools that assume "network interface" means
"general-purpose general-purpose-computer-to-general-purpose-computer
network interface" should be found and fixed.  Bluetooth may be the
first, but won't be the last, kind of network interface that doesn't
typically get used for IP networking....

But I tend to go much further in the "break mis-done things so they can
be found and redone right" direction than (almost?) anyone else I know

> But while I'm here, I'd agree with your earlier point, there are
> situations when disabling high power wireless comms is a good idea,
> but where it is perfectly OK to leave bluetooth enabled - even if
> that isn't what most "kill wireless" hardwired or soft keyboard
> buttons do.

Not even; I could imagine other cases where I'd want something else,
possibly even the reverse (shut down short-range stuff like bluetooth
but leave things like wifi on).  My point was more that it should be a
user (or sysadmin) decision.  "Mechanism, not policy."

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