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On Mon, 4 Dec 2017, Robert Elz wrote:

> Most would never appear in ifconfig and no-one would want them to.
> That is despite the fact that the interface uses sockets, and is
> a (limited) network protocol.

When Bluetooth is used to carry general networking, a network interface 
will be created for that purpose (using tap(4) or ppp(4) depending on the 
link type)

> But while I'm here, I'd agree with your earlier point, there are situations
> when disabling high power wireless comms is a good idea, but where it is
> perfectly OK to leave bluetooth enabled - even if that isn't what most
> "kill wireless" hardwired or soft keyboard buttons do.

I personally think that this RADIO_TOGGLE event should just be handled 
with something like powerd (if not powerd itself)


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