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> Now I'm wondering what we should do with this event, and where it
> should be handled.  I can think of two solutions:

> - handle it in kenrel: have all wifi and bluetooth interfaces listen
>    to the event and act on it.  One problem is synchronisation: the
>    event doesn't carry information on radio state (on or off), so in
>    machines with multiple radio, we could end up with some on and
>    some off, and the event toggles everything so we can never have
>    all radios on or off.  So we'd need a global radio state.

Not necessarily.  See below.

> - handle it in userland.  This can give more flexibility on what and
>    how to turn on/off.  It may also be more difficult to control all
>    the radio at once (how do we get a list of all radio interfaces in
>    userland?)

Speaking as a putative user/sysadmin, I would actually want to be able
to control what interfaces get affected by the switch.  For example, I
might want a single press to turn wifi on or off without affecting
bluetooth, whereas (say) two presses less than a second apart turns all
radios off, or returns them to their previous state.

Of course, this is inconsistent with neither of the above, though the
details would vary.

As for a list of interfaces?  Do what ifconfig -l does and then filter
based on type, would be my raction.

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