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Re: Converting kernel printf() to aprint_*() or log()

In article <20141111181348.GA11385@stishovite>,
Izaak  <> wrote:
>I am interested in working on the project to convert kernel printf to
>the appropriate aprint or log function:
>There was a short discussion about modifying log(9) in June:
>Thereafter I posted a message about this, but it was ignored:
>Anyway, I am willing to do something, but I just need some comments to
>point me in the right direction. If many people depend on those
>functions, then I see no reason to break something without permission.


I am not sure if it worth the churn to retire aprint_, but a log_dev()
function would be most welcome for non-autoconfiguration printfs, and
converting the rest of the driver autoconfiguration printfs to aprint_
would also be welcome...

But wait for a few others to chime in.


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