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Re: HP Proliant won't reboot

On Tue, 1 Apr 2014 08:45:36 -0700
Andy Ruhl <> wrote:
> > I am downloading the BIOS upgrade DVD now.
> That seems more like a kernel issue to me, but it can't hurt to update
> the firmware.

I did the upgrade but it still acts the same.  Yes, it does seem like a
kernel bug since both FreeBSD and Ubuntu reboot just fine.

> It would be interesting to know if other versions of NetBSD work,
> current especially.

I will try that shortly as soon as I have built a new kernel.

> Maybe try with ACPIVERBOSE enabled just see what's happening?

Is there any way to do that other than rebuilding a kernel with the
option?  I couldn't find a boot.cfg option for it.

D'Arcy J.M. Cain <> IM:darcy%Vex.Net@localhost

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