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Re: Dutch keymap not imported into NetBSD :p

On Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 09:38:36AM +0200, Adam Hoka wrote:

> Ummm, why do you need to use it with the Dutch layout?
> I'm pretty sure it does work in any other keyboards layouts,
> as my german layout works pretty well in US layout too...

Adding the layout to NetBSD will let Dutch people that
use it switch to it, and everything will work as it should.

And as it is, it lets me type in qwerty and still be able
to use dead keys to put diacritic marks onto letters, so
I will be able to type french without having to change the
layout, something I could not do with my previous US English

I keep going from layout to layout as I use different
machines, so I move from Azerty to Qwerty(US) to Bépepo
(French Dvorak) to Dvorak(US). Sometimes it messes up finding
a specific key. Having the layout be in correspondance to what
is visually visible on the keyboard helps find it. So I prefer
to have a keyboard where symbols visible on keys are what will
be typed if I press them. I need to be able to type texts with
diacritic marks when I am emailing people at work, they don't
care if I explain them I'm on a machine with US keyboard.
They don't even know there is something besides their Windows
and Azerty world :-)

Gilbert Fernandes

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