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Re: Multiple device attachments

> I have a hardware configuration with a cmos camera sensor on an i2c
> bus (for configuring the camera) and connected to an (ipu) image
> processing controller that acts as a hub for all things video.  I
> envisioned (naturally I think) a camera driver inheriting from two
> parents 1) i2c bus driver and 2) ipu controller driver.

I agree; that does make conceptual sense.

> This does not seem like such a strange hardware configuration to me
> that would not be found on other embedded systems.  Does anyone have
> a suggestion for an appropriate driver hierarchy for such a
> configuration?

The best extant example that comes to mind is wscons.  The way wskbd,
wsmouse, and wsdisplay get glued together is rather ugly and is close
to completely invisible as far as the autoconf messages are concerned.
But, conceptually, there should be a wstty or some such which is
parented to wsdisplay _and_ wskbd (and possibly wsmouse as well; I'm
not sure how I'd prefer to hook wsmouse into it).

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