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Re: Module and device configuration locking [was Re: Modules loading modules?]

On Sun, 8 Aug 2010, Mindaugas Rasiukevicius wrote:

Paul Goyette <> wrote:
Following up on all the various comments from jmcneil@, pooka@, and
rmind@, I've attached a revised set of diffs.  The most significant
change between this and the previous revision is the separation of the
kernconfig_lock_*() stuff into a separate kern_cfg.c source file.  This
allows inclusion of the kernel code directly into rump, rather than
having to re-implement it in rump/klock.c

Please use kern_cflock.c or something like that, as kern_cfg.c is too
generic for such specific facility.

My original plan was to use kern_cfglock.c but pooka@ suggested using a more-generic name "in case we have more stuff in the future". :)

I personally prefer the more-specific name myself, but I cannot make you both happy!

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