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Re: Module and device configuration locking [was Re: Modules loading modules?]

Updating the status on these changes:

One comment questioned whether or not a version bump was required, and I've more-or-less convinced myself it is at least desired. While properly-working modules from the pre-update will continue to work on a post-update kernel, the reverse is not necessarily true. A module written for a post-update kernel and which takes advantage of the changed locking protocol will fail on a pre-update kernel.

Another comment suggested that the name of newly-created file kern/kern_cfg.c should be changed to more closely match its contents, while an earlier comment had suggested generalizing the filename! I've taken the more-specific path and the file is now called kern_cfglock.c If other stuff gets added to this file later, we can come up with a more generic name at that time.

Some additional changes have been included in this latest set of diffs. Mostly, there were some KASSERT()s sprinkled throughout that tried to ensure that the code had not been called recursively. Since recursion is now explicitly supported, all of the "module_active" stuff has been reworked.

Additionally, there was a statically-allocated list of "pending" modules that needed to have their initialization completed. This has been changed to keep multiple stack-allocated lists, one for each depth.

I'm planning to commit these changes next weekend, unless there are any significant objections. If anyone else needs to coordinate changes in order to "ride-the-version-bump", let me know.

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