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Re: Enabling built-in modules earlier in init

On Wed Jun 16 2010 at 12:13:38 +1000, matthew green wrote:
> i think having a class of builtin modules that are available during
> autoconfig isn't a bad thing.  perhaps the right answer is infact to
> convert MODULE_CLASS_SECMODEL into say MODULE_CLASS_EARLY, and remove
> the special case handling for MODULE_CLASS_SECMODEL to deal with
> calling secmodel_register()/secmodel_deregister() by pushing these
> calls into the mi_modcmd() calls inside the secmodules themselves.

With the current ways of secmodel register, I'd be damn careful to not
push it around.  The effect is that if it's called 0 times, you have a
system which allows everything.  So if your suggestion is implemented
and you're testing a new secmodel which buggily omits register alongside
another correctly registering secmodel, things will appear to work fine,
But if in some scenario the buggy one is loaded alone, well ... welcome
to the wishing well.

Also, the modclass id is exported to userland and used as an index to
a table in modstat.  I think I filed a PR about this being suboptimal.

Anyway, no objections, but rather things to consider and pointers where
development needs to recurse to to make the original task possible.

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