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re: Enabling built-in modules earlier in init

> I would like to enable the built-in modules much earlier, at least early 
> enough to have them available during auto-configuration.  The attached 
> patch accomplishes this.  I have briefly tested the patch, and it seems 
> not to have any unwanted side-effects, but I would appreciate feedback 
> from others who may be more familiar with the init sequence.

what are the effects of this on built in driver modules?  they'll have
their init routines run before autoconfig runs, right?  that seems to
be an issue...

i think having a class of builtin modules that are available during
autoconfig isn't a bad thing.  perhaps the right answer is infact to
the special case handling for MODULE_CLASS_SECMODEL to deal with
calling secmodel_register()/secmodel_deregister() by pushing these
calls into the mi_modcmd() calls inside the secmodules themselves.


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