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l_private (Re: updating COMPAT_LINUX for linux 2.6.x support (take 2))

[ removed pkgsrc Cc: ]


> - mips pcb_tls. Can you use curlwp->l_private instead and add a 
>   cpu_lwp_setprivate() ala i386 to handle this?  As it would be the same
>   mechanism that we'd use for native TLS.  There is a __HAVE flag for
>   this in machine/types.h as far as I remember, see sys_lwp.c.  I created
>   patches for a bunch of other architectures to do this, mjf@ is sitting
>   on them I think.

it reminded me a question:

why setting tls pointer with a _lwp_setprivate and store it in l_private?

i think ucontext is more flexible because this way the kernel doesn't
need to know which register etc is used for tls.


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