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Re: (Semi-random) thoughts on device tree structure and devfs

> I had to deal with every of those scenarios, and never could stand
> existing devfs implementations on my systems; I however previously
> participated to a thread about devfs with ideas and suggestions for a
> possibly less broken pipe-dream implementation, but it simply tought me
> how complex a decent implementation would have to be, IMO.


> I however like the idea of simply having additional symlinks
> automatically be created to redirect unique names to the actual
> existing nodes (possibly the best implementation of this would be done
> via a virtual fs controled by the kernel, mounted under /dev/uuid/ or
> the like?).  This wouldn't affect the target device node permissions,
> at least, and might solve most of the hotplug issues for users who
> need automount or can't track dmesg to then manually mount a device...

You mean what I'm saying? :)

> Of course, if a removable device is supposed to move around a few sb*
> nodes depending on when/where it's plugged, then at least the admin can
> set permissions for all devices in that class, additionally to the
> permissions for the fs in /etc/fstab, just as traditionally.

I think per-file control is used only in limited contexts.  I want to
do it in another layer to keep devfs's responsibility minimal.


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