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Re: (Semi-random) thoughts on device tree structure and devfs

Heh, you want everything.

And all of you understand how difficult it's to implement a
full-featured filesystem?  There are tradeoffs.  My intent is to keep
simple and intuitive.  I also assume NetBSD users are not stupid to
learn new things.

> - I want to present a subset of devices to a chrooted devfs.

I think this is about kauth(9).

> - I want to give a different set of permissions than the default.
> - I want to be able to call a device by a different (symbolic name) without
>  using symlinks.

Why not symlinks?

> - I want to prevent access to the device completely by not providing a device
>  node.

I think "unlink" would be not difficult.

> - I want to preserve those changes across boots.

I think some layering.

> - I want to be able to move all my disk devices to a subdirectory.

Does this need to be "rename"?  What if you can configure your view of the /dev?


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