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Re: config(5) break down

> Well, first of all nothing says you can't read the whole file before
> resolving dependencies; there's nothing inherently wrong with
> define foo: bar
>   :
> define bar: baz
>   :
> I have no idea if config currently allows this but it's not exactly
> difficult to arrange.

I don't think it's worth.

Split *.conf files can be also distributed with *.[ch].  Its notation is
self-descriptive.  The only problem I'm aware of is it consumes more disk

> No, it seems like you're intending to use whole files to define groups
> instead of braces or some other punctuation. There is no need to split
> things into separate files just to show grouping.


> (Besides, it's not necessarily as flat as all that, either.)

It's necessary to be flat to be modular.

> I thought you said all you needed to do was grep for the logical
> operators...

I said it's possible.

Again, I don't want to change config(1) at all.  And I don't need.


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