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Re: config(5) break down

> Again: why? You've latched onto this as (apparently) a key point of
> what you're doing, except that I don't see why it's necessary or even
> desirable or how it relates to any of the other things you've
> suggested.

Dependency.  When module foo depends on bar, bar has to be defined.

        include "bar.conf"
        define foo: bar

> The braces, which group the related material together and can be used
> for scoping too?

We don't need braces because modules grouping is flat.

> Of course. Not only that, I've implemented quite a few kernel config
> and build systems of my own, and I've waded into how it's done in
> Linux as well.
> % wc -l files
>     1700 files
> That's not small, but it's certainly not prohibitively large. Sure, it
> could be organized better. I have no problem with that.

Then see dependency again.

> Sure. But what do you propose to do about them?

Splitting helps to realize where bad instances exist.  How to fix them is
another story.

> Yes, that's the two-copies-each method.

If you know, why did you ask???  Such techniques are already throughtly
discuessed everywhere, not only in pkgsrc...


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