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cfattach lwp (was: pseudoify cgd)

On 01/01/10 21:47, David Young wrote:
> This is good.  It looks to me like cgd_detach() must run both the code
> at the CGDIOCCLR case in cgdioctl(),
>         case CGDIOCCLR:
>                 if (DK_BUSY(&cs->sc_dksc, pmask))
>                         ret = EBUSY;
>                 else
>                         ret = cgd_ioctl_clr(cs, l);
>                 break;
> and the code in cgd_ioctl_clr(), or else a cgd instance will enter an
> inconsistent state during system shutdown or drvctl -d.

   Ah, yes -- makes sense; it [the cfdriver system] can't know how to do
device specific cleanup.

   However, cgd_ioctl_clr() calls vn_close(), which needs credentials
from an lwp structure. In the context of cgd_detach(), I don't see what
lwp to use.

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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