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Re: overriding RAIDframe disks as root disks with multiboot

2009/10/31 Klaus Heinz <>:
> Manuel Bouyer wrote:
>> It's MD. BTINFO_ROOTDEVICE only exists on x86, sandpoint and zaurus.
> I suppose we do not want MD code in RAIDframe...

I would suggest that BTINFO_ROOTDEVICE might be better classed as "MI
but only implemented on some platforms". Certainly any platform which
*can* pass a rootdev from the bootloader should be implementing it...

>> Also I'm not sure why you want this behavior. If you want to specify the
>> root filesystem on the command line, don't set raidctl -A root on
>> the raidframe device.
> This would only work if all the kernels supported the multiboot command.
> NetBSD 3 does not. I have a case where I need "-A root" for NetBSD 3
> on one file system and NetBSD 5 on a second raid. Without the multiboot
> command NetBSD 5 always tries to boot from the wrong file system.
> Another point is, that IMO command line arguments should take
> precedence. I was surprised when specifying "root=..." did not work.

I agree - its somewhat analogous to booting with RB_ASKNAME and
setting the root dev that way - it has been explicitly set, so should
override the raidframe autoconfig.

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