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Re: openat/fstatat functions implementation

>> The right thing would be to replace pathnames with something more
>> general, and in particular with something which can include
>> representations for things like "start at the directory at fd N",
>> akin to the current "start at my cwd" (spelled "") or "start at my
>> current rootdir" (spelled "/").
> This is not a good way to go.  (As usual, BTDT, not quite that but
> something pretty close.)

Anything you can share with us?  I'd be interested in what your
experience is and what happened to indicate that this is not a good way
to go.

> Maybe the right approach is to extend or clone fdfs so you can use
> the prefix "/dev/fddirs/6/" to specify this behavior? :-)

If it's done via something fdfsish, I have trouble imagining how that
would work internally; namei is too complicated already....

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