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Re: openat/fstatat functions implementation

On Sep 17, 2009, at 9:29 AM, Adam Hamsik wrote:


ZFS uses openat/fstatat[1] function as a thread-safe version of a open/fstat calls. These functions are part of a POSIX definition. Attached patch add support for openat and fstatat system calls. After initial commit I would like to add support for all other *at system calls but currently only openat and fstatat are needed for zfs. This patch needs more testing still, I'm building distribution with it and I'm going to test it later.

Do you have any comments ?

why no versions of unlink or rename or lstat? It seems to me that you really want to solve the problem for all fs-related calls, not just open and fstat.

I agree the naming sucks.

Also make sure to add netbsd32 support as well.

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