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Re: swap space leak in 5.0_STABLE

On Tuesday 11 August 2009 00:52:52 Mark Davies wrote:
> I've tried to trigger the issue personally today but haven't managed to
> do it.
> The particular 2nd year assignment that is using jmlspecs is due
> tomorrow so will be intersting to see if the problem continues after
> that.

And indeed with the assignment over, the issue seems to have stopped 
happening - at least with the frequency we were seeing at the end of last 
week/beginning of this.  I do see some machines that are very unlikely to 
have had students (or anyone) running the jmlspecs stuff on them that are 
reporting swap space used that appears to be much more that can be 
explained by whats running on them, but the amount isn't changing so I 
presume other things are tickling the bug (whatever it is) but nowhere 
near as frequently as the jmlspecs/java-1.4 was.


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