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re: swap space leak in 5.0_STABLE

   On Mon, 10 Aug 2009, Matthew Mondor wrote:
   > Hmm the one suspicious process I see is the Xorg one which appears
   > to be using up much more virtual space than it normally should... 
   > I think that there were xorg related changes on netbsd-5 too.  Does
   > restarting X11 return the system to a normal state?
   Already tried that and no change.  Also this is happening on some 
   machines that don't run X servers (the one I mentioned that went from 
   10% to 27% in 1/2 hour was one such - and its now at 66% after 
   another 8 hours).

what's happening on this machine?

please be as descriptive as possible.. :-)


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