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Re: Problems with hangs under NetBSD-5.x

        hello.  I have another data point on this problem.  I have a new
machine which is exhibiting the behavior.

It is:

1.  I386 NetBSD-5-stable as of July 15 2009, same as my other machine.

2.  FFS+Softdep, no quota.

        Additional Notes:
        This machine acts as a backup server, storing backups on a large
raidframe raid set.  Backups are fed to it via ssh.  It does nothing else.
        With this new hang, the new commonality for me, seems to be that
processes that read from and write to the network while writing to the
filesystem simultaneously trigger the hang at some point.  I know, that
describes almost everything, but there does seem to be some interaction
between having a process use the network and the filesystem at the same
time.  Having said that, I have  machines running imapd and sendmail which
do not  trigger the bug, and that's all they do.
        This machine is running pure 5.x kernel and userland code, no previous
version binaries in play.  My other machine which is exhibiting the problem
is runing 5.x kernel and userland code as well, but the apache binary is an
old 3.x binary.
        I'll keep collecting data.  I'd sure like to get to the bottom of this
one.  I want to move my servers to 5.x and get them all in sync, but 5.x
has been a real pita in various ways.  I know it's been tested, but it
doesn't feel like that as I trip over various new bugs which don't seem to
be too far off the beaten path.


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