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Re: Problems with hangs under NetBSD-5.x (Brian Buhrow) wrote:
> 3.  FFS options: softdep, quota.

It rather looks that it's a problem in FFS or VFS layer.

> 5.  If someone could tell me what commands from ddb would be useful when I
> get the machine into this state, I'm happy to post output.  Unfortunately,
> I forgot to turn off the watchdog timer, so when I dropped into ddb to
> begin this process with the stuff shown below, the alarm fired and rebooted
> the machine.  No worries, though, I can bring it to its knees again. :)

Use "ps/l" to get the list of threads (including LWP address and wchan), and
"t/a" on LWP address to get the backtrace of specific thread.

> -thanks
> -Brian


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