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Re: pcmaudio(4), for fun and games.

>>>>> "Quentin" == Quentin Garnier <> writes:


    Quentin> I am not happy at all with the way autoconf(9) is abused
    Quentin> in that patch.

I've tweaked the attach a bit to have files.isa have: 
'attach audio* at pcppi? with pwmaudio'

There's a smaller patch with the just the changes to audio(4) here:

    Quentin> Man, you really *are* bored.  It's almost sad to see such
    Quentin> energy (and good ideas, too, the feature is fun, I'll
    Quentin> admit that much) spent that way when NetBSD currently
    Quentin> needs so much work to make 5.0 happen and be worthwhile.

Not quite. Most of this was done in bed about half an hour before I'd
drift off to sleep after a day's work. Much as I'd really really love
to, I simply don't have the resources that such a tightly co-ordinated
effort as a release would require.


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