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pcmaudio(4), for fun and games.


Announcing the pcmaudio(4) driver, for all geeks with lots of PWM,
lots of time, lots of boredome and nothing else to do.

Its basically been an exercise in writing a device driver for NetBSD,
and has only been tested with mplayer and xine.

plaympeg (libSDL) doesn't seem to work for some reason.
PWM translation seems to have some sort of bug, when the volume drops,
sound gets scratchy. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious in clock.c

I've tried to organise the code to be as little intrusive as possible,
however, it does touch x86/isa/clock.c, pcppi(4) and attimer(4), so
here's what I'm asking anyone with the inclination to try:

Could you run it on a slower machine (i386/486 etc) and see if it
works at all ? Also, if you disabled it, does it affect anything else

I don't expect to commit this anytime soon, unless someone absolutely
needs this in the tree :-)

Comments on the code, would of course be welcome, be gentle though :-)

Thanks to for lots of tea, biscuits and
guniea-pig ears.

Have Fun,


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