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Re: partitioning >2TB?

>> # gpt show ld1
>> gpt: unable to open device 'rld1d': Device not configured
> Hm.  That works on a NetBSD 5 system I have.  Looking at the history
> of src/sys/dev/ld.c, at least 1.43, 1.45 and 1.47 are likely to
> explain this.

Perhaps, but in the case that was actually problematic it was raid0,
not ld1.  ld1 was just the example I used when composing the email; at
that point, there were no raids, so a failure opening raid0 would be no
surprise at all.

>> #       NetBSD: MAKEDEV.awk,v 1.15 2004/04/22 23:02:39 enami Exp 
>> #       NetBSD: MAKEDEV.tmpl,v 2005/07/02 15:49:36 tron Exp 
>> #       NetBSD: etc.i386/MAKEDEV.conf,v 2005/04/07 11:40:17 tron Exp 
> That's a MAKEDEV from netbsd-3.

Oh-h-h.  I must have botched something when bringing the machine up to
4.0 (odd it would be from -3, though, since I thought I went straight
from 2.0 to 4.0; I must be misremrembering).  No wonder it didn't like
dk0.  I'll extract the /dev/ stuff from the 4.0 distribution and see
what else is wrong there.

>> I eventually ended up with a repeatable panic when trying to access
>> the /dev/rdk0a I'd created (c 168 0), so obviously either dk support
>> is busted in the version I have or I was doing something fairly
>> badly wrong.
> That should naturally not happen, soo if you can provide the details,
> it would be helpful :)

It's a production system, so I can't get _too_ experimental, but it
does tend to have hours when it's not doing anything (its primary
function is nightly backup runs), so I can probably get at least a
stack trace, maybe even a kernel coredump.  (Hmm, I wonder if mounting
a filesystem -o sync and putting a ktrace log there will give me a
useful trace up to the point of panic...I should experiment.)

Thank you very much; you've pointed me in some most helpful directions.
I'll look at this again tomorrow (it's at work) and see what I can see.

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