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partitioning >2TB?

I find myself with a desire to do something disklabelish under 4.0
(i386) on a "disk" (actually, a RAIDframe RAID 0) that's over 2TB.
(The underlying disks are 931G ("1T") SATA drives configured JBOD on a
3ware Escalade (twe0), though I doubt that matters.)

disklabel itself is, of course, not suitable because of its 32-bit
limits.  So I started looking at wedges, and ran

dkctl raid0 addwedge dumps 128 5860574464 4.2BSD

which worked (and listwedges showed it).  But what /dev/ entry do I
use?  There is no /dev/*dk0*, and "MAKEDEV dk0" says dk0 is an "unknown

I can see three basic categories for what's broken: (1) my
expectations; (2) something in 4.0's support for wedges; (3) something
in the way I installed or set up 4.0 on this machine.  Any guesses
which (and, if you're feeling particularly generous, details)?  At this
point, my guess would be (3), because it looks like something in the
/dev/ entries, but I'd need to dig more.  I'm writing this mainly in
case it's (1) or (2) and someone can say "oh yes, that won't work under
4.0 because $FOO" and I can thus avoid wandering off on a wild goose

If all else fails, I can presumably just use raid0d, but I'd rather do
it right if it's feasible.

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