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Re: Power Management Framework architectural design

Juha Keski-Saari wrote:

> If multiple inheritance is a working concept in NetBSD, there is no
> real problem but just to use the method, but if this is not the case,
> we only have the second alternative at the moment and it's not looking
> very inviting

By the magic of manual pages we find that multiple inheritance is
supported. So we create a MD layer below the OBIO bus and place all
clocks below it in a hierarchical model. Each device references the
same source file, and code differentiates based on device name. The MD
layer communicates with the implementation that interfaces with the
hardware and maintains clock-domain level control. Is this what you
meant, and by that is this the way that could be developed into a
prototype for others to use

for example, files.omap2:
device system_clk
attach system_clk at obio
file arch/arm/omap/omap_clock.c     system_clk

device dpll_clk
attach dpll_clk at system_clk
file arch/arm/omap/omap_clock.c     dpll_clk

Comments from Mr. Matt Thomas and Joerg Sonnenberger would be
especially valued here as their involvement in the area is profound

Juha K-S

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