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Re: DRM and VIA Chipset said:
> I've compiled wip/MesaLib-dri-7.0.2nb1 and xf86-video-via-0.2.2. 
> [...]
> But I have an issue when trying to run MPlayer : it can't use XV.

Fwiw, I've seen similar problems with the intel driver
until recently. Xv didn't work when a compositor was
active. Are you using a compositing window manager?
This has improved with xf86-video-intel-2.2.0 -- Xv
did work, but there were performance problems. I'm
currently testing 2.2.1, the performance seems to have
So I'd blame the xf86-video-via driver. Unfortunately
there doesn't seem to be much development...

> I can go back to non-DRM kernel but I was hopping to get better MPlayer
> performance with it (the CPU is a VIA C3).

Is there some specific video codec support in the via graphics which
DRM could make use of?
Otherwise, I'd suggest to tune the mplayer compile-time
options if you didn't already.

best regards

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