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Re: Re: DRM and VIA Chipset

On Tue, Feb 26 2008 - 20:27, Matthias Drochner wrote:
> said:
> > I've compiled wip/MesaLib-dri-7.0.2nb1 and xf86-video-via-0.2.2. 
> > [...]
> > But I have an issue when trying to run MPlayer : it can't use XV.
> Fwiw, I've seen similar problems with the intel driver
> until recently. Xv didn't work when a compositor was
> active. Are you using a compositing window manager?
> This has improved with xf86-video-intel-2.2.0 -- Xv
> did work, but there were performance problems. I'm
> currently testing 2.2.1, the performance seems to have
> improved.
> So I'd blame the xf86-video-via driver. Unfortunately
> there doesn't seem to be much development...

No I don't use "Option Composite" nor xcompmgr on this box.
I do use it on my Intel 965GM laptop and seen it interfeers with
mplayer. I didn't 2.2.1 yet though.

> > I can go back to non-DRM kernel but I was hopping to get better MPlayer
> > performance with it (the CPU is a VIA C3).
> Is there some specific video codec support in the via graphics which
> DRM could make use of?
> Otherwise, I'd suggest to tune the mplayer compile-time
> options if you didn't already.

Well... I'm not sure DRM is the solution to my problem.
That box is supposed to play my ripped DVD (cartoons for my daughter in
fact) from a NFS share onto my CRT TV. The thing is I'm trying to get
the best results and so DRM/DRI might help make use of the video
card rather than the (poor) 1GHz VIA C3. It has modular-xorg, freevo and
mplayer installed.

If I'm mistaken and DRM/DRI is only usefull to play tuxracer or have a
nice xscreensaver session, then I'm OK to forget it and try to find some
nice CFLAGS for Mplayer.

When displaying DVD quality video, mplayer uses ~60% CPU time and X
about 20%. This seem to lead to audio/video desynchro. When I use a
linux distrib to do such things, the CPU is far more less solicitated
and it plays video OK. So I thought it might be because of the DRM/DRI
support of Linux. But I may just be wrong(c) :-)

Of course, when I use xorg/mplayer on my 2GHz Core 2 Duo (displaying on
the Local FLat Panel) the video is also fluid, but I expect the CPU to be
of any help ;-)


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