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Re: Anyone working on an automated install?

On 28/10/12 13:34, Martin Husemann wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 01:14:41PM +0000, Josh Branning wrote:
>> Can sysinst already take these parameters, or will this have to be
>> programmed in by somebody?
> Parts of this have been done during last Google Summer of Code, but it
> has not been integrated into the main tree yet.
> Martin

Basic Calendar - year would help.
Who hosts the NetBSD mailing lists, can we do a search to see if this
"Zachary Wegner" has in-fact discussed 'their'? project here, or, can
anyone vouch for 'them'? Dates do not include years, this could have
happened in 1999, so I'm not going to trawl through the archives ...
even If I could be bothered to.

Documentation is non existent, and I can't really see how this would
integrate into a NetBSD iso. Technical Details: "More here later as I
figure out what the project is going to require" doesn't really cut it
for me.

And again it looks abandoned, and is attempting to do more than just
using using a configuration file ...

Is there a reason why it hasn't been accepted to the NetBSD main tree?


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