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Re: Anyone working on an automated install?

On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 10:07:08PM +0100, Josh Branning wrote:
> Again, thanks everyone. I guess I have my answer. Nobody is really
> working on automating sysint using a configuration file, because a
> script does the job, even if it can get complicated for certain setups.
> Doing a quick search online, there have been a few projects intending to
> do what I'd like (but not specifically). All of these projects
> unfortunately seem to be abandoned, maybe because they were aiming to do
> too much at once.
As someone already said, Red Hat's automatic installation framework is called 
Kickstart and could serve as a good example for what you want to do. Depending 
on the language involved (if I am familiar with it or not) I might help you.

Rares Aioanei

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