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Re: Anyone working on an automated install?

On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 12:03:08PM +0000, Josh Branning wrote:
> Maybe it's just a case of reading a file, and pre-programming these
> variables somehow?

Sysinst is the wrong tool for that job.

For a full automated install, the script variant (as Aleksej suggested)
is the right way to go. You can provide different configuration details
via the network and configure dhcp to point at different (but mostly
identical) root file systems for the install script.

For a semi-automatic installation, we will provide parts of sysinst (for
example the partitioning and disk setup) as a tool by invoking sysinst with
special parameters. The install script can then use these special sysinst
invocations to do some parts interactively, but run most of the other
stuff unattended.

Wether you do that in /bin/sh or in Lua doesn't realy matter.


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