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Re: Status of syspkgs


> > All in all, we summarized, this was exactly the issue being 
> > addressed by syspkgs about nine years ago.
> > So: What is the current status of syspkgs? And what direction 
> > shall be taken, is there an overview of what architecture can be 
> > expected, or is it an ongoing discussion?
> Nothing has changed for a few years.  Last time I did any work 
> on syspkgs, they were created correctly, and could be installed 
> and removed using appropriate commands, but there was no easy or 
> menu-driven way of installing them.  Since then, the pkg_* tools 
> have changed in such a way that the method used by syspkgs to 
> manage directories no longer works.
is there documentation about how syspkgs works, what way was intended and
what has been missing?
You can still read about syspkgs in the projects-section, but I've found few
traces about what was really done and what was missing.
It would be nice to have a summary for somebody else who'd like to continue
the work.

Regards, Julian

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