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Re: CVS commit: src/distrib/amd64/liveimage/emuimage

Martin Husemann wrote:
> However - the whole idea boils down to:
>  - what purpose do others use the USB install images for?

What others use the USB *install* image for is hardly relevant to
the present discussion.  The install image and the live image (aka
"emuimage") are two separate things, and the commit being discussed
affects only the latter:

  NetBSD-9.99.4-amd64-install.img    1.4G
  NetBSD-9.99.4-amd64-live.img       3.6G

I'm guessing almost no one uses the amd64 live image presently, simply
because it is not included in the official binary releases - you have
to build it yourself.  But I think there is a clear trend away from
the 1980's concept of "installing" an operating system towards simply
running images - that's what ARM SBC users do, that's what you do on
Amazon EC2, etc.  Many other open source OSes distribute fully
functional live images for amd64, and I think NetBSD should, too.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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