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Re: CVS commit: src/distrib/amd64/liveimage/emuimage

Martin Husemann wrote:
> I would like to see this images created w/o /usr/libdata/debug/ (as we
> do for ISO images, some of which we even strip more), but I have not
> yet found an easy way to hack that into the image creation process.

The image already has an empty /usr/libdata/debug.  The increase in
size when MKDEBUG is enabled is spread out over various other
directories, notably /usr/lib.  For example,

  /usr/lib  405182 kB -> 866276 kB
  /usr/bin   53426 kB ->  63140 kB

The largest file in /usr/lib is libstdc++_pic.a, which grows from
4.3 MB to 27 MB.

The largest file in /usr/bin is gdb, which grows from 7.8M to 12M.
"size -A -d" shows most of the growth is CTF.  Is there a corresponding
tool to look at the sizes of sections in a ".a" library?

In any case, the kernel has only grown from 23M to 26M, so this growth
looks like it's mostly a userland issue and unrelated to the removal of
"-U DEBUG" from etc/Makefile.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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