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Re: CVS commit: src/distrib/amd64/liveimage/emuimage

On Fri, Aug 09, 2019 at 05:44:12AM +0000, wrote:
> I guess not a lot of people use the amd64 .img files as an alternate
> sysinst for remote setups. where you reboot to rescue, dd it to disk,
> then reboot to a complete netbsd install.

Sorry, I am not sure I get your point here.

I have only ever used a virtual ISO for that (as that is trivial to add
in most virtual machine setups, whereas the USB images often need some
conversion and I always forget the details).

On machines with enough RAM the ramdisk module (or on other architctures
the monlithic ramdisk INSTALL kernel) is even better for simple recovery.

However - the whole idea boils down to:

 - what purpose do others use the USB install images for?

My proposition relied on the (obviously wrong) impression that it would be
mostly for:

 1) testing a new NetBSD version on some random (foreign) hardware (e.g.
    a Notebook at a shop before buying it)
 2) quickly trying NetBSD (while usually running something else)
 3) installing NetBSD

None of this would require the ability to statically link code or realy debug
binaries in this (limited) setup.

If others use the images more broadly, the whole idea is moot, especially as
USB stick sizes are not exactly limited anywhere close to the size we need
right now.


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