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re: CVS commit: src/sys/arch

Paul Goyette writes:
> GENERIC kernels already include at least one instance of sensor,
> watch-dog, and power-switch, so all the sysmon sub-component drivers
> are included and "built-in" whether or not the kernel is MODULAR.
> (Confirm by running modstat(8) and observe that all symon modules
> are "built-in".)
> It seems to me that we should be (more) worried about "autoloading
> isn't something you can depend on."  Are there bugs or other issues
> concerning autoloading?  If so, they need to be fixed.  If it's just
> a matter of having autoload support in the kernel, how would that be
> any different than having support for "all common drivers" included/
> built-in?  :)

it's about the decision that GENERIC will not depend upon modules
and will include all common drivers.

the middle ground of the old GENERIC/MODULAR kernel split was to
include all the modular code, but also the drivers.

as to autoloading, i turn it off on almost all my systems.  i do
not want to trust that my modules match my kernel given our current
system of separate builds for kernels and modules.  i'm positive i
am not the only one who feels this way.  (i actually object to
autoload being enabled by default because of these issues, but it's
usually easy enough to disable myself.)


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