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re: CVS commit: src/sys/arch

GENERIC kernels already include at least one instance of sensor,
watch-dog, and power-switch, so all the sysmon sub-component drivers
are included and "built-in" whether or not the kernel is MODULAR.
(Confirm by running modstat(8) and observe that all symon modules
are "built-in".)

It seems to me that we should be (more) worried about "autoloading
isn't something you can depend on."  Are there bugs or other issues
concerning autoloading?  If so, they need to be fixed.  If it's just
a matter of having autoload support in the kernel, how would that be
any different than having support for "all common drivers" included/
built-in?  :)

On Wed, 6 May 2015, matthew green wrote:

For i386 and amd64:

non-XEN GENERIC is MODULAR, and the sysmon drivers will be autoloaded as
necesary.  Confirmed by successful running of atf test suite.

it MODULAR, but it is supposed to have all common drivers in it.
autoloading isn't something you can depend on.


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