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Re: CVS commit: src

matthew green <> writes:
> the discussion, between yourself, christos and myself involved
> christos and i asking you NOT to add a special MKFOO for ar, but
> to just use MKDETERMINISTIC (or something everything uses.)
> please do that instead.

We can't do it that way because it is important that software that
uses but is not part of the NetBSD source tree be able to
turn on and off the D flag from ar usage on its own. That is also the
reason that the default is not set to "yes" -- other people use the
.mk file.

I have also re-read the discussion and I have come to the conclusion
that this was well explained in the course of the discussion and that
no one contradicted it. In addition, I stated precisely what I was
going to do, waited, and no one said anything more, leading me to
believe that the consensus was not in the direction you indicate.

As indicated, I see nothing wrong with a MKDETERMINISTIC that flips
the MKARZERO flag as well as the other flags that control
deterministic builds, but we need this particular feature to have a
knob on its own.

Perry E. Metzger      

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